After having dinner

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Posted on: 01/12/19

  The programme also included a phone call from a listener Partha Shah who mentioned about the World Diabetes Day to be observed on November 14, which is also celebrated in India as Childrens Day marking the countrys first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehrus birthday.Yoga is is easy to do, simple and convenient. If possible, elders should also go out with their children to play in the open. People of any age can do it easily and anywhere, the Prime Minister said.According to an Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism study published in 2015, India was home to an estimated 97,700 children suffering from type 1 diabetes mellitus.

 Instead of using elevators, children should be asked to use staircases. IANSsar/kskPost Source: Ians feed. I get shocked to learn that children are also getting diabetic.Diseases that would earlier occur in old age High-End Hotels Lifts Manufacturers only are now catching up with children.The listener, who was a doctor by profession, asked Modi what should be done to fight the challenge of diabetes among children.

 After having dinner, families should make an effort to go for a walk with their children.Families should make their children play out in the open.In his reply, Modi urged families to make sure that their children remain physically active, their indoor activities are limited and they indulge in outdoor activities.Modi said the Yoga for Young India programme could be helpful for young to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fight lifestyle diseases.New Delhi, Oct 29 (IANS) Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday expressed concerns over children diagnosed with lifestyle diseases like diabetes and urged families to maintain a healthy lifestyle by doing regular physical activities and yoga. The main reason for such diseases at such a young age is less physical activities and change in our eating habits, Modi said in his monthly radio broadcast Mann Ki Baat


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